Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box

Color: Single layer
Sale price$25.95

 Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box!

This revolutionary device helps you to catch and kill cockroaches quickly and easily without harsh chemicals or expensive professional pest control. Powered by a combination of chemical attractants and pheromones, it is highly effective in eliminating cockroaches from your home. With no need for expensive pesticides or dangerous toxins, this product is safe to use even around pets and children.

Cockroach Trap Household Cockroach Box Clear Cockroach Trap Cockroach Catch  Box In Kitchen And Bathroom -

The Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box provides a long lasting solution – because it is reusable, just remove the roaches from the box with the included brush before placing it back into service. This superior design makes sure that your home remains free of pests for longer. Keep infestation at bay with this convenient and affordable tool!


The Reusable Household Cockroach Trap Box is an excellent choice for any household looking for relief from a cockroach problem. Its easy setup ensures you get results fast so your family can relax and enjoy peace of mind in their own home again.

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