The Silent ball Silent Basketball Home Indoor Noiseless Quit Dribll

Color: The Silent ball
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 The Silent ball Silent Basketball!

A ball so stealthy you can work on your handles without creating a single peep. Perfect for practicing in homes or apartments – you won't wake any sleeping roommates. This ball dribbles great on carpet, hardwood, or any surface!

Material: Our basketball is made from high-quality PU Foam and is soft, elastic, bouncy, and easy to grip. With our ball, your furniture can stay safe while you work on your game. Plus, it's super quiet! No need to inflate – just dribble on any surface and you're ready to go. The basketball is a regulation men's size – nothing's stopping you from shooting for the stars and making the league! 🚀

  • Extremely Quiet
  • No need to inflate 
  • Dribble anytime and anywhere
  • Works on hardwood, carpet, and any surface!
  • Regulation men's basketball size

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