VACCAP Slushy Cup Maker, Squeeze Icy Drink Maker, Magic Sluch

Color: Blue
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The Slushy Cup uses oxygen based freezing to turn your favorite drinks and beverages from liquid to slush in under 60 seconds!


Easy To Use

The Slushy can be made in under 60 seconds. No ice, no blender, just freeze, squeeze, and you can enjoy refreshing Slushy.

My Slushy Time - Verre à granité

Our Tiktok viral slushie cup is here for you! Simply freeze your cup, fill it up with your favorite drink, squeeze for 1-3 minutes, and enjoy a refreshing slushie. It's that simple!

- take me home and put me straight in the freezer.

Fill- I can make soda slushies, juice slushies or Thick shakes. You choose the drink you want to make into a slushy

Squeeze-those magic Hands of yours are going to turn liquid into a frozen treat

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