Smart Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Locker Mobile App Door Lock With Passcode and Fingerprint

Size: No mortise
Color: Black
Sale price$219.90


Instant fingerprint recognition system.

Remotely unlock via Wi-Fi by using the mobile phone application.

You can unlock your doors using keys or passcodes.

It is compatible With Alexa as well as Google Home.


Unlock immediately with your FINGERPRINT.

Lock your door using your fingerprint in 0.5s which makes you feel like going through any normal door. you don't have to look for your keys all over. You can set up as many as 100 different fingerprints for unlock access.

Control your DOOR with your Mobile Phone

Access your door remotely via WiFi using your phone's app , or remotely grant an individual access to your door in a matter of minutes as well as manage the history of unlocking your door. You can manage multiple locks for your doors in the same mobile application.

OPEN your door with a key or PASSCODE

You can open your door in just a few moments with a passcode you can enter on the door handle's with a digital keyboard directly. You can manage multiple passcodes through your mobile application to grant access for a short or prolonged duration of time.


Make it your own with simple to follow instructions for manuals and videos that show how to do it. If you're stuck, we're always available to assist you. Simply contact our customer support, and we'll be glad to assist with setting up your account.


Increase the security of your doors with this door lock that does not require no keypad. Only a mobile app or registered fingerprint will unlock the door, making it more secure than standard door locks that have an easy-to-break keypad. It's still advisable to have an additional physical key in the case.

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