Solar Submersible LED Pool Lights, Color Changing RGB Lamps, Underwater Above ground Side

Emitting Color: 1PCS
Sale price$24.95

This award-winning pool light is a must-have addition for every pool. It will help you Enhance Your Night Swim Experience or Backyard Atmosphere, And it's not just for pools. You can use it in your fish tanks, baths, vases, and fountains.



  • Solar charging, zero electricity charge, no wiring, long battery life, no need to worry about replacing the battery
  • 16 Colors for a gorgeous lighting effect that will suit any occasion.
  • Dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness of the lighting to create the exact ambience you’re looking for.
  • Multiple modes (flash, fade, smooth) to suit different moods.
  • Timer function, so you can set up a light display for specific times.
  • IP68 water-proof rating, so they won’t leak when fully submerged underwater.
  • Magnets and suction cups are built into design, so you can install them yourself on a wide variety of surfaces without making any renovations. It can be magnetically attracted to metal objects, can also be inserted into lawns, beaches, and can also be adsorbed on the pool wall

Why you’ll love our underwater pool lights

Whether you want underwater lights so you can safely use your pool at night, or because you want to create a cool lighting effect, our LED pool lights are the perfect choice. They’re solar operated and can be mounted with magnets and/or suction cups, so you can easily install them without hiring an electrician or having to drain the water from your pool, tank, or other containers.

These waterproof pool lights are really versatile. They can change between an amazing 16 colors for different occasions. Purple, red, and green are amazing for parties whereas blue and white are excellent for relaxing nights.
 These color-change lights look great in jack o lanterns, make for awesome living room lighting, create just the right ambiance for outdoor dining, and will get any party started.


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