Squid Game Mask COS Cosplay Pretends To Play The Korean TV Series Halloween Christmas Party Kpop Masks

Color: ABS 03
Size: One Size
Sale price$28.95


 Squid Game Mask

the squid game masks is the perfect gift idea for any squid game fan for this Christmas. The Mask is made of an eco-friendly ABS that is non-toxic and adorless.



Halloween is approaching, and now is the greatest time to choose mask that gives off the scariest vibes to scare everyone. 
With this Squid Game Soldier Mask, you can give your style an eerie and creepy vibe.
In addition, the mask is custommade to fit you exactly and offer you stunning appearance! 
The Soldier Mask is based on the Netflix series "Squid Game," in which troops have power over over hundred civilians.
Soldier Mask Size :



Boss Mask Size :




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