The Premium Full Body Pain Reliever Heating Pad

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Electric Heating Pads for Back, Neck Heating Pad Fast Pain Relief 12"x24"

Treat muscular ailments from the comfort of your own home with our extra-large heating pad, and the extra-long cord means you can choose wherever your home you use it. Our heating pad is ideally suited to provide heat therapy for any part of the body that needs it, and is long enough to wrap around those areas that need surround heat. We’ve included a controller with a clear display panel so you can see what your pad is telling you, large buttons so you can tell it what to do without spraining a finger, and an auto-shutoff feature to keep you and your house safe from overheating and burning. The pad itself is covered in a high-quality micro plush that adds to your comfort.

  • Melt away neck, shoulder, backaches and pains with Deneve heating pads. The consistent heat of the hot pad soothes sore and aching joints and muscles. Large flexible size wraps & contours to the body, perfect for neck, back, abdomen, hip, and leg coverage.
  • To radiate more heat, tuck the heating pad underneath a favorite shawl, bath towel, sweater, throw, etc. This pad’s design promises a comfortable, cozy experience. High quality micro plush feels soft and pleasant against skin, and the extra-large size provides full coverage over the shoulders and around the neck. Highest heat is on the spine, with softer heat around the shoulders to address the source of the neck pain.
  • The easy-to-use LCD controller has large buttons and a clear display, meaning you don’t have to strain to adjust the pad to fit your needs. The auto-shutoff feature takes away additional worry, so you can fully relax
  • This pad is easy and safe to clean. Machine washable, simply remove the cord and toss it into the washing machine
  • Dimensions are 12” x 24” for the pad, with 9ft cord

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