Cat Food Puzzle

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Calling all smarty pants cats! We have a food puzzle for you! Introducing the Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play. This colorful puzzle encourages cats to swivel the "leaves" and slide the “ladybugs” to reveal food rewards hidden beneath. 

Here’s how it works:
*Easier: Place food/treats in cups and swivel the leaves to cover them. Cats must swivel the leaf back to reveal the food.
*More difficult: Swivel the leaves off the track to reveal empty cups. Place food/treats in the ladybug pegs. Cats must move the ladybug over the cup so that food drops in it, THEN they must slide the ladybug away from the cup to reveal the food reward.
*Most difficult: Swivel the leaves to cover the empty cups. Place food/treats in the ladybug pegs. Cats must move the ladybug over the cup so that the food drops in BUT FIRST they have to swivel the leaf away. Once the ladybug has dropped the food in the cup, the cats must slide the ladybug away to reveal the reward.
*Expert: Same as most difficult above BUT in addition to adding food to the ladybugs, also include food in the cups under the leaves! Cats must eat the food in the cups before the ladybugs can drop new food in!

-Great for curious cats—stimulates cats’ natural foraging instincts
-Replace the bowl—Food puzzles can be used for daily feeding to encourage a health eating pace for food or treats.
-Keeps cats busy—14 hidden treat compartments!
-Food safe materials—BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
-No removable parts—for safer play and easy cleaning.

TIP: Some cats may need to investigate new puzzles before starting to play. Use extra fragrant treats for cats who aren't initially interested. Remember that cats use their noses to hunt! Swivel the flippers off the tracks to make this game easier and show your cat how the pegs slide.

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