Cat Self Grooming

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"Cats are going crazy for this new corner self-grooming brush!" - Catsloving



Fully equipped with installation tools (adhesive sticky tabs or screws) and also a bag of catnip too. Simply stick the adhesive tabs to each corner of the product and fit at the optimum height for your cat on any corner area. The grooming brush is easily maintained, just clean every time you see a build up of hair on the device.


This product is designed for maximum comfort for your cats. This self massaging corner brush can be easily installed at any height in your home to provide your cats with a pleasurable experience. It will also remove any loose/malting hair from your cat making them nice and comfortable whilst reducing the amount of hair lying around!


The product comes in 5 beautiful colours: Lime Green, Black, Blue, Mid-grey & Baby pink. The Cats Krazy self-massaging corner is elegant and will integrate with all interior designs. It can also be easily removed and replaced from any location in your home.


Manufactured with strong durable materials meaning your cat will not be able to break this product easily. Good durability ensures your cat can get the ultimate experience and leave you at ease knowing the product will last a lifetime!


Luckily, this nifty product helps to reduce your cats malting hair. The grooming brush will capture any loose hair your cat might have and gently remove it naturally when they rub against it. Smoothing your cat with this product will reduce stress on them therefore naturally they will malt less which means no more hair lying around your home.

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