Car Support Handle, Car Door Handle for Elderly Multifunction Car Assist for Elderly and Handicapped

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The fastest, most effective way to get in and out of cars on your own

Built with a non slip grip to hold onto, the Car Support Handle increases mobility & independence when getting in and out of cars for people who suffer from back pains, arthritis & previous injury preventing free movement.

very easy to install and is compatible with all vehicles

More then just a support handle

The Car Support Handle is not only perfect for your mobility, but it also comes with a built in window breaker, and a seatbelt cutter for extra safety when travelling in your vehicle. Both of these features can be accessed by removing the top black cover for the window breaker, and the bottom black cover for a seatbelt cutter.

• made from solid aluminium alloy, it can support up to 350lbs in weight

• does not put any strain on the car door latch

Relieve stress & anxiety when going out

Simply by attaching this device to your car door latch, you can go out independently with the Car Support Handle. We understand the frustration that comes with low back pains, arthritis or injuries that have caused you to become limited with your mobility. We want you to feel confident and peace of mind when you leave the house and need to get in & out of the car.

The Car Support Handle has been recommended by aged care workers as an efficient & independent way to increase mobility movement for those that struggle getting in and out of vehicles.

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