Water Slide Bathtub Toys for Toddlers, Baby Shower Party Gift

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The Water Slide Shower Toys for toddlers

Little Ducks along with Tracks Included!

Kids Hate Bath Time? Here's the solution with tracks-building toys for water!

Connect with, design, or reassemble Make connections, design, or re-assemble build your own water amusement park by using these awesome tracks! These Bath products from Fun Little TOYS offer the ideal opportunity to let your child enjoy bath time! It is also suggested that parents help their children to build this final "construction" to help children develop their imagination and imagination!

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  • Super-Value Bath Toys: This water toys set comes with a total of 49 pieces, which includes 32 tracks of various shapes and colors one water pinwheel, an toy water ladle/colander 2 small ducks two capsule ducks, 2 ball ducks as well as 9 suction cups.


  • Multi-functional mold-free bathtub toys It is a toddler-sized bathing toy that is very suction-y. It has a lot of force. You can also put them on any smooth surface like windows, bathroom tiles mirrors, blackboards and white white refrigerators, and so on. The water increases suction power dramatically. Clean the suction cup thoroughly in hot, almost boiling tap water. The cup becomes soft and malleable due to this. When you have pressed the cup onto the surface you prefer clean it off with water. Air pockets that could cause a failure of the suction cup can be avoided through droppinglets of water in the cup.


  • Endless fun: Kids can match and join the accessories in any way they like and can use their imagination and develop their creativity while having fun with the water. Don't forget to bring your ducks! Set those ducks onto the track, and then watch as they move around the track.


  • DIY Bathtub Toys for the Bathroom: Our bathroom toys are easy to put together and the water tracks are able to be connected easily and securely. Kids can design their own water tracks while playing which will stimulate their imagination, spark creativity, and increase their hands-on abilities.


  • A great gift to play with.

    Most babies love bath time, and who can blame them? Even if your child may start hating bath time as he/she get older or never even liked it in the first place, This Sliding Bath Toy is a great gift idea for any kid out there. They can have super fun, while learning and imagining freely.


  • Easy to Install and Clean.

    There are powerful suction cups on the back of the Sliding Bath Toy. Just connect the suction cups to a different clean surfaces such as the bathtub or the wall and your child is ready for an entertaining bath. It is easy to clean the pieces, do not forget to scrub them gently to keep them dry for an extended use after the bath. 


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