Watering Timer, Programable Garden Irrigation, Automatic Hose Sprinkler Timer 1/2 outlet

Color: Water Timer 3
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Sprinkler Timer, Programmable Water Timer for Garden Hose, Outdoor Faucet, Drip Irrigation and Lawn Watering System:

Compact Design | Automatic Digital Control | Manual ON/Off | Rain Delay


  • Allows complete control and functionality over your watering needs
  • Cycles easily from set clock, set watering time, how often, how long, then run program.
  • Watering cycle: the cycle time is 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day.2 days...The longest cycle is 7 days.
  • Rain delay is built into the run program function.
  • Watering timer: the minimum watering time is 1 minute and the maximum watering time is 300 minutes.
  • Suitable water temperature: 0℃-40℃.
  • Powered by 2pcs AA batteries, it is low battery consumption and provides a long lifespan

How to Use:

  • Button setting instructions:
  • AUTO: Timer waters according to your customized schedule
  • SET CLOCK: Set the time of day
  • START TIME: Select what time you would like watering to START
  • HOW LONG: Determine how long to water
  • HOW OFTEN: Choose how often you will water
  • OFF: Turn off all watering


  • 1 * Automatic Water Timer with Filter & Connection (battery not included)

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