Waterproof Airyvest Dog Jacket Vest Warm Dog Clothes for Winter Cold Weather Pet Gift Coat Poppy Sweater Glowing

Color: green
Size: S35(L)
Sale price$25.95


airyvest dog vest jacket

Extremely lightweight, water-resistant and filled with synthetic insulation sandwiched inside of ultra-light nylon fabric that is DWR-treated to shed light moisture

Compact — You can put the vest even in the smallest lady’s bag. It’s easy to carry around.

Water-resistant — protected from getting wet during rainy or snowy weather.

Preserves warmth — A standing collar and a lengthened back reliably protect dog’s body. The stretchy sheathing around the sleeves prevents the loss of warms.

Sewn by precision —  sewed each vest with amazing precision. All seams are strong and beautiful.

Impeccable fit — The vest will always perfectly fit the dog's figure thanks to the correct silhouette.

Reversible Double-sided — One puppy vest — two colors! You can put it on your dog either way outward.

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