Waterproof Anti-fog Rain film | Car Mirror Protective Film Anti Fog Film Anti Water

Style & Size: 2pcs 80x80
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Drive Safely in the rain!

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  • You can see clearly on rainy days, make your vision clearer and drive safer.
  • Protect your driving eyesight on rainy days.
  • Universal for the side rearview mirror, you can cut as much as you want.
  • Good waterproof, fog-proof, and dust-proof effect.
  • Hydrophilic nanotechnology.

Car Rearview Mirror Waterproof Membrane Anti Fog Film Sticker GIF | Gfycat


  • 80*80mm/3.15*3.15"
  • 95*95mm/3.74*3.74"
  • 95*135mm/3.74*5.31"
  • 100*150mm/3.94*5.91"
  • 175*200mm/6.89*7.87"(1 set type are including 2pcs 175*200mm and 2pcs 100*150mm Films and 1Pcs Scraper )
  • Weight: 55g/ 25g/ 28g/ 18g/ 22g
  • Materials: PET+ micro-nano coating
  • Color: light blue
  • Installation position: side rearview mirror or side window
  • Applicable models: most vehicle models


Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Car Side Rearview Mirror Waterproof Anti-Fog Film

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