Winter Electric Heated Gloves With Touch Screen, Water Resistance, Battery Recharge

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Model: With 2 Battery Cases- No batteries
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Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves


Heated Gloves 2.0

NO more frostbite, cold hands, or that uncomfortable feeling while out in the cold! Keep your hands warm and cozy while outside in the cold!


Why Bousty Heated Gloves 2.0?

Having your hands exposed to the cold is UNCOMFORTABLE. Imagine keeping your hands cozy and warm while working outside, building a snowman , fishing, skiing, snowboard , or just having fun!

Heated gloves

✔️ Bousty heated gloves 2.0 warm your hands in less than 60 seconds

✔️ Made to withstand brutal , freezing winters

✔️ Bousty heated gloves 2.0 is a great gift for a loved one (For Men or Women!)

✔️ Bousty heated gloves 2.0 are used and approved by Ice fisherman in Norway (Can withstand -25° C!)

Heated gloves




Why Choose Bousty Heated Gloves 2.0?


Bousty Heated Gloves 2.0

✔️ Includes Rechargeable battery to keep warm for up to 8  hours. (Can charge your batteries anywhere!)

✔️ Stays warm in the snow

✔️ Temperature adjustable up to 154° F/ 67°C

✔️ Heated Palms and Fingers

✔️ Palm PU non-slip leather

✔️ Convenient and easy-to-understand left and right-hand connection

✔️ Invisible battery bag design

✔️ High-quality inner warm velvet, breathable without the ball


Other brands

✖️ No batteries- not rechargeable

✖️ Not resistant to snow

✖️ Does not stay warm

✖️ Only heated palms

Heated gloves

Package Content

✔️Bousty heated gloves Model With 2 Lithium Batteries And Charger

1x Pair of Heating Gloves
1x USB Charging Cable

2x Lithium Batteries

How To Use Bousty Heated Gloves 2.0

✔️ Put out the lithium battery/black case from gloves pocket.

✔️ Connect the lithium battery/black case to plug located in the gloves pocket.

✔️ Switch ON/OFF button on the lithium battery/black case.

✔️ Press and hold the 3 levels heat control button on the back of gloves when you see the lights on.

✔️ Press the 3 levels heat control button to adjust the temperatures, Red (High), Green(Medium), Blue(Low).



Material: nylon + cotton
Weight: about 372g
Lithium battery: 4000 mAh
Voltage: 3.7 - 4.5 V 
Features:  warm, non-slip touch screen
Temperature: about 45 degrees Celsius
Warm keeping time: constant temperature about 6-8 hours


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Frequently Asked Questions About Bousty Heated Gloves 2.0

How long does the heat last for?
✔️ Up to 8 hours! Most of our customers charge the battery about once a week. You can order extra and have multiple charged batteries on hand!

Will these fit men and women's hands?
✔️ Yes, these gloves can typically fit both men and women. 


Key Benefits

100% Waterproof & Windproof
Integrated Heating Element
Stealth Reflective Material

Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves Heated gloves

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