Wireless Charging Magnetic Levitation LED Light Bulb

Color: Silver
Model: US
style: White
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  • FLOATING IN MID-AIR FREELY: Without any support or contact, use Magnetic levitation technique.
  • WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION: Bulb powered through the air via induction,lights controlled by the touch button:on/off on the wooden base.
  • ATTRACTIVE AND DECORATIVE LAMP: A cool concept. Very fancy and Unique decoration for your home, office, conference room, Auditorium, canteen, and guesthouse,have unique visual effects.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Great gift for lover,friends,parents,kids at Christmas, birthday , holidays, wedding, anniversary and business.


  • Product name: Wireless charging U-shaped magnetic levitation table lamp
  • Bulb size: 75*135mm
  • Base specifications: straight: 150*380mm / curved: 150*400mm
  • Rated power: 2-5W
  • Power input: AC100-240V
  • Power output: DC12V/2000MA
  • Product weight: straight: 600g/bent 700g
  • Wireless charging output: 5V/1000MA
  • Wireless charging distance: 4-6mm
  • Main material: beech wood + high purity metal + thick high temperature resistant glass
  • Package contains: Light bulb*1 Stand base*1 Adapter*1 Manual*1
  • Package dimensions: Straight: 400*180*160mm Curved: 420*270*160mm

Special attention items:

  • 1. Please read the instruction carefully more than 3 times before use.
  • 2. Please unplug the power when not in use. Do not keep the bulb attached to the bracket to avoid damage to the wireless receiving board inside the bulb.
  • 3.Do not place the bulb on the base, as this may cause damage to the filament.
  • 4.When the power is on, pay special attention to the bulb not being attached to the bracket for a long time! ! Must be suspended.
  • 5. Keep away from the interference of electronic products such as magnetic field, fan wind, air conditioner wind and other items, so as to prevent the bulb from falling due to external force.
  • 6. The base wireless charging power is 5W, please note that high-power wireless charging mobile phones may not be applicable.
  • 7.Please note that it is not recommended to charge the mobile phone and the floating light bulb at the same time. If the sensor in the floating system receives interference from the mobile phone information or incoming calls, the light bulb will jitter. And when the light bulb is suspended, it will occupy the wireless charging power, which will reduce the charging efficiency. Please be aware.
  • 8. The levitation system has an over current protection device. If the bulb can float but the bulb does not light up, please restart the power supply and try again.

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