Wireless Wifi Camera Cell Phone Remote Monitoring Security Camera

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1080P Wireless Wifi Camera Cell Phone Remote Monitoring Security Camera

Mini Home Security Camera Pnzeo 1080p Hd Wireless Wifi Remote View Super  Mini Cameras Nanny Cam Small Recorder - Mini Camcorders - AliExpress

  •  The camera base can be attached to the metal surface by its own strong magnet, or fixed by screws or double-sided tape.
  • The product can realize the control and monitoring of multiple cameras with the same APP.
  • Your home or travel environment can be completely guarded by it to ensure safety.
  • Smart HD camera. Built-in lithium battery, no connection cable required, can be placed in any corner.

Smart Auto Tracking: When a Wifi security camera detects movement within the shooting range, it will notify you immediately on the app, you can automatically save photos of suspicious people, such as people, thieves, dogs, cats, pets, etc. Home Camera AV, a new generation of camera smart innovation will bring you a better experience. It also has hidden spy cameras. 

1080P high pixel & ultra-wide-angle & HD night vision
2-megapixel super-wide-angle design indoor and outdoor security camera, compared to other WiFi cameras, the picture quality is outstanding and the observable range is expanded. You can see distant objects closer and more clearly during daytime and nighttime. Even if they tried, no detail could get through to them.

Day and night surveillance
This camera is equipped with high-performance infrared LEDs, providing you with clear night vision. With the intelligent IR-Cut filter, day and night vision becomes clear and vivid. Stay confident that you will always have reliable eyes. (Turn on the wifi camera robot mask at night. Indoor wireless camera with higher definition night vision. During the day, you can close the mask to hide the camera)

Motion detection alerts
Any suspicious motion that enters the camera's eye is detected and recorded, giving thieves and robbers nowhere to hide. Also: No matter where you are, your smart device will receive an instant APP alarm push.

Clear Audio
When surveillance video doesn't meet your needs, we provide you with live audio. The camera has a built-in microphone.

Night vision range: 5 meters
Support factors: IOS, Android 7.0 or above
1080P high pixel ultra-wide-angle lens + HD night vision
Features: Motion detection / infrared mode automatically switches
Audio parameters: Built-in microphone
Wireless network: Support wifi wireless network

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