Wooden Montessori Multiplication Math Board Game For Kids Fat Brain Educational

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ღ【With Numbered Multiplication Table Math Toy】ღThis board game can help teachers to create kinds of math manipulatives, Make it easier for children to learn multiplication and more fun.

ღ【Fun and Durable Multiplication Chart】ღThrough intuitive display and operation, enable children to better understand abstract numbers and enhance the concept of numbers.

ღ【Toys that make the mood lighter】ღChildren can learn by themselves and try to figure out the calculated results.

ღ【Safe Materials and good quality】ღMade of natural wood, not easy to damage and durable. High-quality Craftsmanship, the surface is smooth without burr.

How to play 1: Throw 2 dice, multiply the two numbers on the surface, whoever finds the answer first and uses the chess piece to stand is the winner.
How to play 2: Draw out the multiplication card, and quickly find the answer on the multiplication board. Use the chess pieces to stand the answer. The victorious party wins a card. There are a total of 100 cards, and the one who wins the most wins. (2-4 players play)

Packing list:

  • Multiplication Board x 1
  • Pieces x 4
  • Multiplication Card x 100
  • 1-10 dice x 2

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