LED High Pressure Shower Head, powerful rgb color changing disco rainfall shower head, alcachofa de la ducha

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LED High-Pressure Shower Head

Best bathroom accessory 2021

  • Increases Water Pressure - Increases your shower water pressure by up to 200% and reduces water consumption by up to 35%
  • Healthier Hair & Skin -  Our LED shower head contains high-quality filter stones . It can effectively remove impurities, heavy metals and chlorine in the water. This purified water is much gentler on your skin and healthier for your hair.
  • Spa-like Experience - Ideal for those who want to enjoy a luxurious spa experience with this high-pressure shower head!
  • Excellent Gift - This Shower Head is a great gift for any occasion. They will love you forever!

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top-rated LED Shower Head, our high pressure shower head delivers ultimate reliability, durability and relaxation. Designed for everyone, our shower head features an innovative hydrodynamic rotation system that will increase your shower's water flow, laser perforated micro-holes for added water flow and will save you money. Enjoy the ultimate High Pressure Shower Head and transform a daily ritual into so much more.


The perfect Shower Head for you!

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The High-Pressure Shower Head is a great high pressure LED shower head that can be used for any shower type. It's built to last and is ideal for any and everyone. 

  • Massage Effect -  The shower head uses a net water jet to gently touch your body while showering. This device promotes blood circulation and the appearance of skin.
  • 360° Rotation - Our shower head can rotate 360 degrees and swing up/down to allow you to adjust it in a variety of ways. This feature eliminates the need to hold the shower head in one hand.
  • Easy & Quick Installation - The High-Pressure Shower Head is an easy-to-install shower head that's designed to work seamlessly with most shower heads.

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